Painting Remix

Pillow Fight 2018 / Master Bedroom Concept Painting 2008

jason grimes pillow fight.jpg

Cool Floor 2018 / Foyer Onyx Floor Design 2009

jason grimes bulldog stone.jpg
Jason Grimes

OK, maybe the French are more sophisticated than us. Look at these urinals! I smell a painting series...


Jason Grimes
Aerin East Hampton Illustration

A few months back, I was lucky enough to be asked to create another watercolor for Aerin Lauder's new Aerin East Hampton Store. Below, is how it went from sketch to publication!

After building a Sketchup model to make sure I'm perspectively accurate, I create a pencil sketch over top. There's usually some back and forth to get the styling just right... swapping out art, changing accessories.

Aerin East Hampton v2.jpg

Next is the long road of layering and balancing the sometimes uncooperative watercolors. I actually paint faster than below--this is slowed down by half for the human eye to see it.

After I'm done painting, I scan and digitally adjust the watercolor to pop. The translation to digital isn't always as straight forward as you expect. Some colors dull out, while others unexpectedly just don't work.

Aerin East Hampton 2018 reduced size.jpg

And then, sometimes I'm lucky enough to see it published in a major magazine! Check out this illustration in the June 2018 Elle Decor!

Jason Grimes

I love logos--and I love to hate logos. There's nothing better than a little graphic nonsense that represents something gigantic. I also LOVE to redo my own logos... I think over the last 8 years I made a dozen different logos for Atelier & Co. Below are a few of my branding adventures.

Jason Grimes