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Here's the thing, I like a good digital rendering as much as the next person. I've just come to realize that I only like them for the first five seconds I look at one. After that, I've lost interest. Watercolors, on the other hand, are satisfying. I'm not just looking at the space being captured, I'm feeling it--better yet, when you look at the painting 20 minutes later, you'll see more than you saw the first time. Oh, and you can frame and hang them. Digital renderings shouldn't make it past the construction trailer or a refrigerator magnet.

For me, Interior watercolors are about capturing natural light--it's what breathes life into the paintings and draws you in. I made a conscious decision years ago to downplay any artificial light--even if it's a bunker forty feet underground, you bet I'll have god-like light streaming in!

This selection of illustrations span 14 years of painting and designing for Ferguson & Shamamian Architects, Ariel-the Art of Building, and Atelier&Co. Collaborators and clients include Aerin, COACH, Jade Hotels, Delphine Krakoff, Jayne Design Studio, AJ.T Architects, Thom Felicia and Macklowe Group.

Grand Central Terminal watercolor, $85 signed print

Grand Central Terminal watercolor, $85 signed print

Jason's painting for the Aerin East Hampton store is featured in the June issue of Elle Decor